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Published On: Thu, Nov 19th, 2020

What Is A Setup Day? How To Find Them In Great Stocks Like Peloton

What is a setup day?


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In volleyball, a setter floats a slow, perfectly positioned pass to a teammate who’s ready to spike the ball over the net and away from the outstretched hands of the opposing team. If executed well, the setup may lead to a winning point — and even the match.

In great stocks, the setup day can set up a blistering run.

Take a stock with outstanding fundamentals or high prospects for amazing growth in sales and earnings for months, years to come. It forms an excellent base. But it hasn’t broken out yet: The stock has yet to surpass a buy point. The setup day sends a stock one step closer to that delightful reality. It’s a bullish day right before the stock reaches its buy point that puts investors on alert.

What Is A Setup Day? A Case Study In This 2020 Market Champ

Peloton Interactive (PTON) began Read Full Article

Source: Investor Corner – IBD

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