Which is worse: the NSA or the FDA?  A message to Wikileaks, Cryptome, Public Intelligence, and other sites that expose secrets:  does 2.25 million deaths in America, per decade, at the hands of the medical system, rate as a significant leak?

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‘People have been so fucked by the prevailing order in such deep and fundamental and enduring ways that they can’t imagine that anything is worse than preservation of the status quo’ – Glenn Greenwald


As the Bank of Japan meets on Friday to determine just how much monetary Viagra to pop, notice the odd sense of calm?  We managed to make it through both the Democratic and Republican Party conventions without riots.  The stock market is in a state of suspended animation following the mountain of credit dumped into the markets to prevent a post-BREXIT crash.  But all is not well…


The cracks now emerging in an unprecedented level of US corporate debt are flashing red alert on a new economic crisis, a very, very ugly one.

TND Guest Contributor:  F. William Engdahl

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Theater of the Absurd: With WikiLeaks publishing emails showing how the Clinton clique sabotaged Bernie Sanders’s campaign, the corporate media has displayed oddly misdirected outrage – outrage NOT at Clinton for cheating the hapless Bernie out of the nomination, but rather at Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yes, it was all Putin’s fault.

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When we were laboring through the 2011-2015 bear market cycle, constant snap backs the likes of which silver is producing were never to be seen.

In an all-too familiar tactic shared by the US political right and left alike, the Democratic Party has blamed the WikiLeaks release of internal emails on Russia. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, however, isn’t convinced.

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When former President Bill Clinton took to the stage Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention to make a case for his wife and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by humanizing their “love story,” Clinton failed to mention the at least 13 times he allegedly assaulted other young women throughout their marriage. “In the spring of 1971,…