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Whiplash in the Gold and Silver Markets As Yellen Yaps At Jackson Hole:

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  • After 6 Months of Falling Premiums, This Silver Indicator Just Experienced An Inflection Point…The Doc and Dubin Break Down Jackson Hole & Today’s Crazy Market Action Below:

Earlier this week, forecasting today’s market reaction to Yellen’s yammering was easy, but you must excuse me while I wipe some egg off my face given the circus the followed.

As the markets digested Yellen’s remarks, traders correctly concluded the majority of FOMC voting members remain in dove mode, regardless of the endless threats of interest rate normalization.  As Yellen yammered, traders were pricing in declining odds for a September rate hike.  Let’s take a look at today’s trading action:


We made it through Comex expiration with only a modest clipping under $18.50.  The next move higher will likely begin following Yellen’s speech on Friday, even if we get a brief, final attack that will reverse on Friday as well.


Global central banks now own $25 trillion in financial assets! WTF! Welcome to Dystopia!

you have been burned sanders

TND Editor’s Note:  “Feel The Bern” needs a re-write:  “Feel Burned?”  The pied piper of the bogus, “controlled opposition” left wants to launch a foundation.  Even some of those involved are concerned and are jumping ship, as genuine progressive Stephen Lendman reports.  


The mainstream liberal USA media is not touching this issue in any serious way. We have a right to access to a complete and unbiased analysis of Hillary Clinton’s health and medical treatment. She is a candidate for US President, the one with the finger on the nuclear button. She is not running for City Council of Mt. Kisco or president of the local Parent-Teachers’ Association.


TND Editor’s Note:  It’s breathtaking to observe the idiocy of neocon and liberal/Atlanticist interventionists make a total mockery of their stated foreign policy goals.  America is the leading facilitator of Islamic terrorism used as a proxy war force – e.g., the Syrian war theater.  Seeking “uni-polar” world domination, the West supposedly fights the rise of Russia, China, the BRICS in general, and any power block that could ultimately threaten “uni-polar” dominance.  The fruits of this policy vision are producing an outcome opposite of neocon/Atlanticist stated goals.  Perhaps Robert Kagan, Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain and the gaggle of other neocon/Atlanticist jackasses are no where near as intelligent as they profess.  There’s something to be said for the ‘order out of chaos’ thesis.  But make no mistake, ‘losing Turkey’ wasn’t what the West had in mind.  Over the coming years, that is exactly what might happen.  Warmongering imbeciles!  — Eric Dubin

How many times have we seen this before? Western media selectively focusing on, or distorting, human suffering in order to fulfill a base political agenda – war – for powerful interests.  Meanwhile, Randy Martin notes what’s going on is “…a prelude to an all-out war in Syria – one that would inevitably bring American and Russian forces into direct confrontation.”

TND Editor’s Note:  Democracy NOW is “controlled opposition.”  On some issues, Amy Goodman is spineless.  She and her compatriots will never honestly deal with 9/11. Henry Kamens outlines in this fascinating article yet another example of “progressive media” serving the interests of the Military Industrial Complex and America’s war on Syria.  Propaganda is so pervasive in America that Democracy NOW serves-up bullsh*t to their progressive audience and it’s swallowed.  – Eric Dubin