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“Ground” War On Syria: Saudi Arabia To Deploy Forces in Syria Should United States Lead Ground Assault


TND Guest Contributor:  Peter Korzun The effectiveness of Russian airstrikes has helped the regular Syrian army encircle the rebel-held countryside north of the contested city of Aleppo raising concerns...

by Guest Post | Published 10 hours ago
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Read Full Article Source: Zero Hedge via Feedburner ...

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Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, An indicator based on the first hour versus last hour of stock trading has undergone a shift similar...

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With algos not exactly enthralled by their initial several million reads of the key soundbites in the Yellen speech, they –...

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The Central Banks are getting desperate. The interventions are so obvious now you’d have to be on drugs not so notice them. On...

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WTI Crude futures are tumbling as Yellen’s prepared remarks offered little for the doves and played down growth due to “financial...

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One week ago, in the aftermath of Japan joining the NIRP club, Which, in conjunction with Kuroda’s promises that “Japan...

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Back in November, Nils Smedegaard Andersen, CEO of Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, So once again, central bankers...

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While algos patiently await the only thing that matters for US stocks today which is Janet Yellen’s testimony before Congress....

Yellen cites risky conditions in global economy

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Yellen’s remarks weren’t surprising given the volatility in global markets, but investors will be looking for further clues the Fed will not raise interest rates again in...

IMF warns Ukraine: fight corruption or lose funding

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) may suspend Ukraine’s $17.5 billion bailout program, if Kiev does not implement promised reforms. Read Full Article at Read Full...

Syrian Kurds open 'historic' political office in Moscow

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Language Undefined PYD party says Russia ‘writes the script’ in the Middle East as it hails ‘big political step’ for Kurdish nationalism ...

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THe SPiRiT oF PoPuLiSM ReBoRN...

Read Full Article Source: Zero Hedge via Feedburner ...

Intraday Trading Indicator Showing Shades Of 2000, 2007 Tops

Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, An indicator based on the first hour versus last hour of stock trading has undergone a shift similar to those seen at the prior 2 cyclical tops. We’ve...

End, Don’t Extend, Draft Registration

This past week demonstrated with blinding clarity that 1) Republicans, contrary to their rhetoric, oppose individual liberty,...

The Cold War on the Gray Zone

But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! — Revelation...

Thumbnail for 604576 M&A Madness——-Deals Top $5 Trillion In 2015; Most Will Fail And Waste Capital

Dealogic M&A Statshot for the end of December 2015 showed that global M&A volumes have increased...

Yellen Stresses Economic Risks; No ‘Preset Course’ For Rate Hikes

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s prepared testimony for Congress on Wednesday stressed tighter financial conditions and...

New Hampshire: Carnage In The Establishment Lane

The results of the New Hampshire primary are in, and the big winner is the new...
The Lowest Silver Coin Prices Online

Aker to Deliver Johan Sverdrup Concept Study

Aker Solutions will work on a concept study for a new processing platform for future phases of the Statoil-operated...

Nobel Upstream to Acquire 7.59% Stake in North Sea Maclure Field

Nobel Upstream signs an agreement to acquire a 7.59% non-operated interest in the Maclure oil and gas field from Shell. Read..

European Energy Firms Post Billion Dollar Losses in 2015

Tullow Oil and Maersk Oil register billion dollar losses in 2015, amid an ever-declining low oil price. Read Full Article..

The Two Best Herbs for Lead Poisoning

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Lead has been a favorite metal of industry since ancient times. It’s resistant to corrosion, bends without...

2015 Dietary Guidelines Include Healthy Revisions, but Still Falls Short for Effective Prevention of Heart Disease

Beneficial Changes in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Among the beneficial changes brought forth in the 2015 dietary guidelines for Americans,..
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Curry leads Warriors past Rockets for 42nd straight home win (Yahoo Sports)

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Stephen Curry had 35 points, nine assists and six rebounds and the Golden State Warriors relied on..
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Yellen cites risky conditions in global economy

Yellen’s remarks weren’t surprising given the volatility in global markets, but investors will be looking for further clues the Fed will..

What does empirical data and economists have to say about buying a home versus renting? The answer may surprise you.

There tends to be this myopic view in California regarding the housing market.  People forget the relatively young history of the..

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